Tuesday, 29 June 2010

gorgeous fabric!

I was out at lunch having a look round the fabric stores for yellow tshirting jersey (not as easy as it sounds) for a costume project when I came across the most amazing remnant of fabric! Not sure what it is, it feels like a silky chiffon with gold thread detailing! My plan is to turn it into a simple A line skirt so all I need to pick up tomorrow (payday fabric shopping!) is some lightweight black fabric (as this is rather see-through), a little dress zip and some matching thin ribbon to tape the edges as a rather fraying type of fabric, Shouldn't take more than an hour or so to knock up though!

It's not the biggest piece in the world, I'd say it's about 50x40 but big enough to make it just above the knee! No room for mistakes though! I also have some soft black jersey left over from a winter dress I made which I'll probably turn into a little blouse/t-shirt to go with it!

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