Thursday, 17 June 2010

Dino Dress is GO!

So after cutting the pattern pieces out a few weeks ago I finally last night started cutting the pieces and have started putting in the darts and pleats!

Front pieces on the dummy, back are still on the sofa with the sleeves! This dress also have little concealed pockets which is an awesome idea! I love having somewhere discrete to pop a tissue! I think I'm going to have to lower the neckline a little as it's not the most flattering on me, and possibly add some extra little darts from sleeve seam to bust, juts little ones, as even though this pattern is for larger curvy ladies it doesn't quite seem to curve over boobs very well, but nothing I can't adjust!

I'll take a close up pic a bit later on and you can see the really cool darts at the front, it has twp pairs going diagonally up and outwards from my navel, it's really quite funky and adds a lovely little twist!

One thing I'm debating is the sleeves. Now this can be made with and without sleeves, and I have cut the lining for without and little short sleeves. I just can't decide what to do. I think I may pin one and tack stitch the other and put it on and see what you guys think!

YAY dino dress progress! I have the cutest brown shoes that will go with this, and a large day bag that will work, but I'll need to knock something up for the evening, just a little clutch bag should do, just need to pick up some claps! I'll also need to make a slip dress as it's not designed to be lined and maybe a little tulle petticoat as it could do with a tad more poofiness to it. Nothing to difficult though! And don't worry, I'll write up a tutorial for it!


  1. Preeeeeeeeeeetttttyyyyy!! I looove the fabric :D

  2. Oh that's looking really good, love the print! :)