Thursday, 15 July 2010

Top 10 things I hate about sewing

So we all talk about the reasons why we love sewing (post on that to follow!) but we never really talk about the things that drive us nuts. So here it is, my top 10 pet peeves (in no particular order) under the cut.  Feel free to comment and add more suggestions!

Friday, 2 July 2010

vintage pattern shopping!

On the way back from lunch a friend and I popped into Snoopers Paradise in the North Laines, and we did a little shopping. Katja picked up some lovely 30s buttons and some cute knitting patterns, I found two fab 60s dresses! the shirt dress really has an air of the 50s about it which I love! (Though I don't think I'll be making the hat any time soon!)
Aren't they fab! :)

OMG what?

So I was looking for a pattern for my lovely bf Paul, (long suffering partner who has to put up with the loving room looking like Fabric Land threw up in it....) And wanted to make him a nice Spring/Autumn jacket as all he has are winter coats and hoodies.

So off I trot to look for patterns. O...M...G. WTF??? Below is a quick piccie of all 11 (yes a whopping 11) styles that Simplcity do for men. What kind of 21st Century man wears this kind of stuff??

Thursday, 1 July 2010

pretty things!

Oooh two posts in one day! :)

I just thought I;d do a quick update on the lovely things I'm wearing today! A lovely new hairband I bought from New Look for a fiver (excuse the picture I'm at work and not having a great day..)

And some lovely shoes I bought from Primark yesterday for a tenner! size 9 wide fit!!! OMG can you believe Primark have started stocking size 9s again! Seriously made my day!

Aren't they beautiful! They are so comfy too, I had to pop some heel grips in as they are just a tad lose around the back (I'm technically an 8.5 not a 9 and that's UK sizing!) but no shame in adding some little grips! I love the nod to 40s fashion with these shoes, the little conical heels, and front detailing!

Today they have been teamed up with some navy skinny jeans, a green rouched strapless top and a gray cardie, sounds odd but it actually works!

Anyway, more posts coming soon, I swear I will do this more regularly, Honest!!

Jargon Explained 002 - Blind hemming

Blind hemming, we've all heard it mentioned, and if you're anything like me you only vaguely paid any attention until the day you realise you need to blind hem something. Which amused me as I only sort of knew what it was (mostly becuase my Sewing machine Aurora came with a blind hemming foot) but somehow knew I needed the stitch.

What? - A blind hem is a type of stitch that is done so that it prevents the fabric from unraveling, but isn’t visible from the “right” side of the fabric. 

Why? - Blind hems are often used when you don’t want to be able to see a row of stitching on the finished product. For example, window hangings, skirts, and dressed are often hemmed along the bottom with a blind hem.

How? - Although I have used a blind hemming foot in this tutorial it is possible to do it without, it will just take longer and you will need to pay very close attention to where your needle is on the fabric. You also need a blind hem stitch on your machine, this looks like a few straight stitches followed by two zigzag stitches (one off to the side, one back to the line) using the powers of keyboards this is a rough representation _ _ _ /\ _ _ _ /\_ _ _ etc

Step 1: - Fold and pin a standard double fold hem (fold once wrong sides together, then fold again to catch all loose ends)