Thursday, 15 July 2010

Top 10 things I hate about sewing

So we all talk about the reasons why we love sewing (post on that to follow!) but we never really talk about the things that drive us nuts. So here it is, my top 10 pet peeves (in no particular order) under the cut.  Feel free to comment and add more suggestions!

  1. Pins - Not using them, I'm a big fan of pinning things together and they are super helpful on my dummy. It's more that no matter how hard I try, I will always knock my pin pot onto the floor, and even though I spend aged looking for the pins after I'll always miss one that end's up in mine or Paul's foot. Despite me replacing all my pins with the ones with little coloured bobbles on the top
  2. Adjusting patterns - Patterns are great, especially when making a style you've never attempted before. My problem is that all patterns seem to be designed for 5'6 people. I'm 5'10 so constantly have to adjust patterns. Now some companies have started including 'Lengthen/Shorten here' lines, but not all, resulting in me manually adjusting all patterns, and always having to increase the bust allowance. (regardless of size...) I'll do a post soon on adjusting patterns, as it can be quite tricky.
  3. Lining - Like most things lining has a time and place, and to be honest lining things is actually quite simple once you get the hang of it - mind you the same could be said for nuclear science - But my pet peeve with it is just actually having to do it. I've occasionally just not bothered and then worn the garment and wish I had, but it's just time consuming, and I have a tendency to be a little impatient sometimes
  4. Unpicking stitches - Grrr! who hasn't had to do this at some stage. Just drives me nuts, and I don't know about you lovely readers, but for me it always seems to be one of the last stitches I have to do that go wrong!
  5. Button holes - Oh how I rejoiced when I got an automatic 1-step button hole machine! Doing them by hand is so tricky! I have been reading up on bound button holes, so expect to see a post on those soon too!
  6. Fraying fabrics - Pinking sheers, bias tape, fray-stop glue. All perfectly good ways to stop material fraying, but it still drives me crazy! especially when you have to go around picking up all the little frayed bits afterwards!
  7. Too many projects - too little time! I keep coming up with new designs while I'm on the bus home, I have no idea when I'll get these all done!
  8. Ironing - To be honest, I hate ironing generally, so it's no surprise that I have iron while I'm sewing. But I have to do it, having nice smooth pieces to sew together avoids mis-sewing things together, and pressed seams just look so nice. Still doesn't mean I enjoy it.
  9. Scraps - I don't know about you guys, but I have a nasty habit of keeping all my scraps, 'just in case' and yes while some of them do come in very handy (trying out new techniques, facings etc) I still end up with bags full of them, which i just can't bring myself to throw away. I;m sure I'll use them one day...
  10. Tidying up thread ends - Especially on garments that have lots of stitching. I'll be honest, sometimes I've not bothered to do them as I go along, then have to do them all at the end, always resulting in a missed one or two. But I'm getting better!
So that's just my top 10, please let me know what yours are!

And sorry for the erratic posting, I have a few drafts I need to finish, including some exciting tutorials so stay tuned!

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    1. I so wish I could sew though! Must be a great skill to have!!

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