Friday, 2 July 2010

OMG what?

So I was looking for a pattern for my lovely bf Paul, (long suffering partner who has to put up with the loving room looking like Fabric Land threw up in it....) And wanted to make him a nice Spring/Autumn jacket as all he has are winter coats and hoodies.

So off I trot to look for patterns. O...M...G. WTF??? Below is a quick piccie of all 11 (yes a whopping 11) styles that Simplcity do for men. What kind of 21st Century man wears this kind of stuff??

The Cowboy ensemble is my favorite!! But honestly, what is with all the waistcoats??? I could understand if it was the Wedding collection or something, but sadly it's not. I think Simplicity are trying to tell us men only wear waistcoats,  pyjamas and shirts.

McCalls did have a nice modern shirt pattern which will look great on him though, so +1 to McCalls:
However Burda have saved the day with a jacket/hoodie hybrid I think will suit him beautifully!

All I need to do is find the pattern!

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