Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Curtain dress part 2

The dress is done after a few minor disasters.

First I had put sleeves on it but when I tried it on it looked like a dodgy 80s bridesmaid dress. I then took the sleeves off and it then gaped round the bust line (seriously, boobs and vintage styling are a difficult pair). Finally I hemmed it way too short thankfully with a deep hem, so was able to let it down the 2 inches it needed. Though on the upside I remembered I had the perfect belt to go with it. Overall I'm pretty pressed with how it turned out.

Sorry I didn't take many progress pictures this time!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Curtain dress part 1

Yesterday afternoon I managed to squeeze in two hours of dress making. I've so far got the skirt part half done, should have the rest done today (well as soon as I stop lying on the sofa watching Dexter!)

For once I've taken some step by step pictures to go along. First I detached the lining fabric, then the curtain pleat tape. After that a good long session with the iron to flatten out the creases that have been in there since these were made (and I have no idea when that was).

Next up I pleated the skirt into even knife pleats 2 inches apart. There are four in each quarter, the front 8 face the centre line, and the back 8 face the zip, with a 4 inch box pleat on each hip. I did debate a gathered waist, but after a quick trial I preferred the pleated look. Finally I took off the bottom 30 inches, which is what the top will be made from.

Next time I'll go through the top and finishings.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Quick lunchtime update

I thought I'd just do a quick post with the 1920s outfit in the full. Will be back to posting progress shots this weekend when I start my 1950s full skirt number for the wedding next week, and a surprise black tie number!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Charity shop find!

I went charity shop shopping today for the Mr. He's off to the matching stag do to the 1920s hen do I'm going to this weekend, only the boys are doing a 70s anchorman theme. Today I bought him a fantastic navy blue double breasted jacket with the most amazing gold buttons, for a whopping £3.50.

While I was in there I found some great floral fully lined curtains for £6, they are apparently 50x90 inches, though I haven't checked yet, but I did hold them up and they looked like a decent size, and yay for bonus lining fabric!

I was thinking of going for a full skirted 50s style, more housewife than rockabilly, I've added some piccies below to give you an idea. This will be my next project, so excited!

1920s continued

So remember that 20s dress I made the other day for a hen do? Well I had a spare 30 mins. So I made a matching handbag!!

Need to reposition the Velcro on the flap, not happy with how it sits. Tbh I'm not all that happy using Velcro, but that's all I had lying around the flat. I tend not to have a stock pile of magnetic snaps.

Otherwise I'm pleased with the look, I decided to use contrasting side panels to give it a more modern twist. What do you think?