Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Charity shop find!

I went charity shop shopping today for the Mr. He's off to the matching stag do to the 1920s hen do I'm going to this weekend, only the boys are doing a 70s anchorman theme. Today I bought him a fantastic navy blue double breasted jacket with the most amazing gold buttons, for a whopping £3.50.

While I was in there I found some great floral fully lined curtains for £6, they are apparently 50x90 inches, though I haven't checked yet, but I did hold them up and they looked like a decent size, and yay for bonus lining fabric!

I was thinking of going for a full skirted 50s style, more housewife than rockabilly, I've added some piccies below to give you an idea. This will be my next project, so excited!

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