Tuesday, 29 June 2010

gorgeous fabric!

I was out at lunch having a look round the fabric stores for yellow tshirting jersey (not as easy as it sounds) for a costume project when I came across the most amazing remnant of fabric! Not sure what it is, it feels like a silky chiffon with gold thread detailing! My plan is to turn it into a simple A line skirt so all I need to pick up tomorrow (payday fabric shopping!) is some lightweight black fabric (as this is rather see-through), a little dress zip and some matching thin ribbon to tape the edges as a rather fraying type of fabric, Shouldn't take more than an hour or so to knock up though!

It's not the biggest piece in the world, I'd say it's about 50x40 but big enough to make it just above the knee! No room for mistakes though! I also have some soft black jersey left over from a winter dress I made which I'll probably turn into a little blouse/t-shirt to go with it!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Help me name my dressform!

OK so the time has come to name my dressform. My sewing machine is called Aurora for two reasons, A) I'm a big Disney geek, and B) for those not clued up on Disney princess names, Aurora is the princess from Sleeping Beauty, you know, the one with the spinning needle...
Anyway you can sort of see my dressform under the progress of my Dino Dress

All suggestions welcome, just leave a comment!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Jargon Explained 001 - Stay Stitch

Over the next few months of so as I work through my newly acquired sewing book bought for a whopping £2 at my local Oxfam book store (only 5 minutes from work and deadly for stealing my lunch breaks) I intend to explain in normal human language what patterns and books mean from jargon to simple English.

Some of these JEs (Jargon Explained) will be really obvious to some of you, so apologies for that, but for the 5% that don't know, I'm hoping that next time you take a look at pattern instructions you will no longer break out in a panic sweat!

Some of the topic I'm aiming to cover are:
  • Hand stitches
  • Zips, buttonholes and pockets
  • Collars
  • Pattern Jargon
Many of these are simple to do and do well, but are often breezed over in pattern instructions, with little or no explanation on how to accomplish the tasks,  let alone why we should do them, and I don't know about you guys, but if I can't see a purpose to a stage I'm guilty of skipping it then wondering why it just doesn't look right!

Anyway enough of me rambling, time for the first JE!

Dino Dress is GO!

So after cutting the pattern pieces out a few weeks ago I finally last night started cutting the pieces and have started putting in the darts and pleats!

Front pieces on the dummy, back are still on the sofa with the sleeves! This dress also have little concealed pockets which is an awesome idea! I love having somewhere discrete to pop a tissue! I think I'm going to have to lower the neckline a little as it's not the most flattering on me, and possibly add some extra little darts from sleeve seam to bust, juts little ones, as even though this pattern is for larger curvy ladies it doesn't quite seem to curve over boobs very well, but nothing I can't adjust!

Friday, 11 June 2010

vintage fair

On Sunday me and a friend ventured into the Frock Me vintage clothes fair, I think I was a very good girl, I only bought a 50s polkadot button fronted dress and an awesome pterodactyl pendant (well right now it's just a piece of metal which used to be attached to something, but give me a trip to the bead store for fixings and 5 mins with my soldering iron and it will be a necklace!)

I've put a petticoat on the dummy too, though it's not the right size or colour it gives you a better idea anyway! I also recently bought some pretty demi heel mary janes which will go perfectly, all I need now is a white clutch and a small string of pearls and the outfit will be complete! Most likely going to wear this to a wedding I have in 2 1/2 months, but I'm sure it will be worn before that!