Monday, 28 June 2010

Help me name my dressform!

OK so the time has come to name my dressform. My sewing machine is called Aurora for two reasons, A) I'm a big Disney geek, and B) for those not clued up on Disney princess names, Aurora is the princess from Sleeping Beauty, you know, the one with the spinning needle...
Anyway you can sort of see my dressform under the progress of my Dino Dress

All suggestions welcome, just leave a comment!


  1. Snow White ^^ it fits in the Disney Princess naming, also because when she "died" she was placed in a glass coffin for the world to see. To be "displayed" if you will ;D to me it seems fitting (pun not intended XD

  2. I was going to suggest the Wardrobe character from Beauty and the Beast. Seeing as she manages to pull dresses out of now where for Belle. :) However she doesn't have an official name in the film and her stage production name is a bit of a mouthful: Madame de la Grande Bouche!