Wednesday, 26 May 2010

perfect pattern!

 While I was thinking where to start with my dino dress (due to start on Monday) I came across this pattern!

it's got a great combination of skirts, bows, sleeves and necklines, perfect for my 50s inspired plan! All I need to do is pop to Fabric Land (sorry not the best website, but the Brighton store - my local - has got loads in it and the staff are really helpful!) Hopefully they will have it in stock so I can get started on Monday! :)

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

60s inspired range coming soon

Over the next few months I will be working on my first range of 60s inspired mod clothes which will be going on sale in Brighton in time for the August bank holiday Mod rally (or maybe before if I get them done!) I'm starting off with a small range of three pieces which will be available in sizes 8-16, and one or two limited candy stripe tunic tops

First up will be a blue gingham mini dress,
Very similar to the above styles but with a white peter pan collar and no belts or pockets, just a nice simple summer dress, lined in my fav faux silk for extra lushness!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

50s Dino Dress

I've written up my first tutorial, now is time to fill you in on what I'm working on! As soon as I've completed my current costume for an event next weekend I'll be starting on something very exiting!

I'm planning on taking some inspiration from the 50s pattern below only I plan to add some little sleeves (it's just to cold in the UK to not have sleeves in spring!) maybe make it a little lower cut and a less full skirt, as I doubt I could fit under my desk in a full 50s skirt! But never fear it will still retain the classic 50s feel and styling, only with a little geeky twist!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Stitching bias tape to difficult shapes

Recently I've been working on a new costume and it's required some rather fiddly sections of bais stitching. Now I'm not being lazy and using bias tape, the costume is actually trimmed in a different colour so bias seemed the sensible option! Anyway I was asked how I got it so neat, especially round the tricky parts so I thought I'd knock up a quick tutorial.Now the pictures I've used are of a relatively simple curve, but you can use the technique for any shape! Also I'm sure there are plenty of other methods out there, but this is my current fave for tricky things.

Step 1:First take the main piece and turn it over so the back of the fabric faces you. Then take the bias tape and unfold, pin the very edge of the tape to the material, so the right side of the tape faces the wrong side of the fabric, (see the pic below of that doesn't make sense)

Some interesting links

So I though I'd start off with a few interesting links:
  • Chic steals, who often have some great tutorials for modifying clothes and super cheap alternatives for fashion and beaut
  • And finally Crafty Crafty who have the most amazing collection of craft projects!
Of course as I find more and more interesting and helpful sites I'll share them with you all!

First post!

Hi! I'm Louise and this is my sewing blog! Hopefully you'll enjoy reading about all the random things I'll be blogging about, and any projects I'm working on, from Cosplay to Vintage inspired commissions!