Tuesday, 18 May 2010

50s Dino Dress

I've written up my first tutorial, now is time to fill you in on what I'm working on! As soon as I've completed my current costume for an event next weekend I'll be starting on something very exiting!

I'm planning on taking some inspiration from the 50s pattern below only I plan to add some little sleeves (it's just to cold in the UK to not have sleeves in spring!) maybe make it a little lower cut and a less full skirt, as I doubt I could fit under my desk in a full 50s skirt! But never fear it will still retain the classic 50s feel and styling, only with a little geeky twist!

Yes the fabric pictured below is what I will be using! At a bargain price of £2.49 per meter from fabric land the geek in me couldn't resist getting dinosaur print fabric! Obviously with it being polycotton it will need lining, but I've picked up some faux silk in white to line it with, it may be cheap (99p p/m from fabric land again) and a pain to sew with as the ends get really messy, it feels so lovely as lining and looks really pretty when finished properly!

To finish the dress off I've picked up a 3inch wide matching brown ribbon to make a lovely waist bow!

Watch this space! I'm hoping to have it done by mid June as I have some free time and really want to get this done soon! I'll keep you all update with a midway progress report and finish it off with a how-to, as no girl should be without her very own 50s inspired geek dress!

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