Sunday, 22 September 2013

Curtain dress part 1

Yesterday afternoon I managed to squeeze in two hours of dress making. I've so far got the skirt part half done, should have the rest done today (well as soon as I stop lying on the sofa watching Dexter!)

For once I've taken some step by step pictures to go along. First I detached the lining fabric, then the curtain pleat tape. After that a good long session with the iron to flatten out the creases that have been in there since these were made (and I have no idea when that was).

Next up I pleated the skirt into even knife pleats 2 inches apart. There are four in each quarter, the front 8 face the centre line, and the back 8 face the zip, with a 4 inch box pleat on each hip. I did debate a gathered waist, but after a quick trial I preferred the pleated look. Finally I took off the bottom 30 inches, which is what the top will be made from.

Next time I'll go through the top and finishings.

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