Thursday, 1 July 2010

pretty things!

Oooh two posts in one day! :)

I just thought I;d do a quick update on the lovely things I'm wearing today! A lovely new hairband I bought from New Look for a fiver (excuse the picture I'm at work and not having a great day..)

And some lovely shoes I bought from Primark yesterday for a tenner! size 9 wide fit!!! OMG can you believe Primark have started stocking size 9s again! Seriously made my day!

Aren't they beautiful! They are so comfy too, I had to pop some heel grips in as they are just a tad lose around the back (I'm technically an 8.5 not a 9 and that's UK sizing!) but no shame in adding some little grips! I love the nod to 40s fashion with these shoes, the little conical heels, and front detailing!

Today they have been teamed up with some navy skinny jeans, a green rouched strapless top and a gray cardie, sounds odd but it actually works!

Anyway, more posts coming soon, I swear I will do this more regularly, Honest!!

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  1. Those are some cute shoes!!! and your picture looks fine too!!! We are our own worse critics :>)