Sunday, 25 August 2013

Vintage coat

If you remember I posted a while back about making this coat for winter:

For reference, that's Butterick  B5824 - Patterns by Gertie. Yesterday I went fabric shopping with Carrie from Sewing Pretty and we spotted this lovely fabric, in a black/pink design and a matching lining fabric in dusty pink.

I also treated myself to a few new sewing things, some carbon paper and pin wheel, and a tailors ham! The Mr. did look very confused last night when he found it in the kitchen (where I keep the ironing board) and even more so when I told him what it was called! He is quite good and just smiling and nodding at sewing terminology - though I think he will always still giggle when I talk about boning (actually that's a lie - we both giggle at that!!)

First step today is to cut the pattern, and start to cut up the muslin. I know I'll need to modify the pattern to fit, the joys of being 5'10", so I'm doing things the proper way and making a fitting muslin first to save the proper fabric.

Gertie did a sew-along with this pattern, with videos and photos, so fingers crossed this should go well!

Oh and if you haven't ever read Gertie's blog you're missing out! I've been a fan for about 5 years and have half of her patterns (as two more were released last week!) and her book, so please go and check her out!

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