Wednesday, 26 October 2011

time for some knitting

OK, So I haven't posted for a very very long time (new job, engagement, wedding planning etc), in this time I've also totally got into knitting (and sewing still!)

I was asked by a freind of mine for some peas in a pod, so for the first time I took the brave steps in creating my own pattern!

The peas are knitted on 3.75mm dps worked in the round, but the pod is knitted flat and stitched together. All done on bog standard double knit wool.

Peas - make two or three:
co6 and split over 3 dps
1. k all
2. [kfb, k1] repeat until end
3. [kfb, k2] repeat until end
4. [kfb, k3] repeat until end
5 - 6 k all
7. [k2tog, k3] repeat until end
8. [k2tog, k2] repeat until end
9. [k2tog, k1] repeat until end
10. k all

Stuff the piece with polyfill before breaking the thread and drawing it through the lose ends to tie off. You can also add smily faces

Pod - make 2:
1. k all
2. p all
3. kfb k
4. p all
5. kfb k2
6. p all
7. k all
8. p all
9. kfb k3
10. p all
11. kfb k4
12. p all
13. kfb k5
14. p all
15 kfb k6
16-30 starting with a p row continue with stockinette stitch
31. k2tog k6
32. p all
33. k2tog k5
34. p all
35. k2tog k4
36. p all
37. k2tog k3
38. p all
39. k2tog k2
40. p all
41. k all
42. p all
43. k2tog k1
44. p all
45. k all
cast off.

To finish start joining the two halves of the pod together about 2 cm in from the edge on the top side, working to the edge, along the bottom line and back in 2cm the other end. Then tak in place the peas!

Mine had been requested as a handbag charm, so I made a very short row of i-cord and attached it to the end for the clip.

If you find any issues with my pattern please let me know, this is my first one!


  1. Haha, very sweet!

  2. Wow they look so good! You are really talented! XxxX