Friday, 19 November 2010

fab new fabric

So I was in the wonderful Fabric Land Brighton at the weekend, picking up supplies for a Christmas themed fancy dress outfit (I'm going as a Christmas tree - queue bright green crushed velvet and sparkly pompoms!) when I came across the most gorgeous laquered cotton at just under £4 per meter.

I had to have it, so I bought 3 meteres, enough to make a fab vintage style dress. The photos don't do it justice, as the gold actually shimmers and the colours are much richer in real life, but as I've forgotten to take piccies I had to grab these from the FL website.

Now readers, I'm thinking of going with one of the following styles, only I just can't decide which!

Now number 2 would be a modified slightly with a tamer skirt as I'd want to be able to wear this, and I don't think I'd fit on the tube with a full skirt at rush hour!

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